Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No, this basket of Meds does not belong to an elderly man… it belongs to a 4-year old

We were in the hospital 9 days and have now been home 6. The first 4 days were rough. Ryan had several days he couldn't eat, drink or take meds. Puking, stomach pain, crying, sleeping in between. Then, Sunday he started peeing straight blood. By Monday he needed platelets, red cells and his kidneys checked twice, then he threw up in the car in the way home and put himself to bed as soon as we got home. Yesterday and today have been better.

In other news, I went back to work yesterday and my brain is too full. Today, half way through Ryan's Dr. appointment I realized my shirt was on inside out. To top it off, I realized when I got home that I was wearing a black bra with a white shirt. And you know what....? I don't care.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has sent thoughts and prayers our way and have done other things to help us cope and get through this. You know who you are and you are amazing! Thank you so much!

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