Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We celebrated a birthday this past week!

We threw caution to the wind and allowed Ryan to celebrate his birthday at, of all places, a bouncy place, where there were plenty of opportunities for him to bump heads with other kids, potential germs all over the place, and 30 foot inflatable slides sure to generate friction burns.

He survived.  And, he got to be a normal kid for a day.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Three Months Post ATG: Still No Major Signs of Improvement

We seem to have settled into a pattern over the last month.  Ryan receives platelets each week and then by the following week’s appointment his platelet count is back down around 10,000.  He is also continuing to require red blood about every 2-3 weeks and his bruising is increasing to a similar level as to when he was first diagnosed.

My gut is telling me that we are headed toward a bone marrow transplant.  However, I am not the expert.  Speaking of which, we are still waiting to speak with the expert.  We started the referral process about 6 weeks ago and somehow, everything has not yet aligned to where we are even allowed to make an appointment.  I have confirmed that the referral has been received, but for some unknown reason, we are still not able to schedule.  I am beyond frustrated with this process.

Below are updated charts showing Ryan’s counts at 3-months Post ATG.