Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day +2 C-Diff Keeps Us in Isolation

Well, the C-Diff test came back positive. Ryan was started on some additional antibiotics and will be in isolation for 2 weeks. He is already going stir crazy, especially since he had a little more energy today. Anyone have non-tv ideas to keep him active while confined to his room?

Of course I couldn't resist launching my google investigation of "C-Diff" and "Gut GVHD" because I am really paranoid about Graft Verses Host Disease (with good reason).  I found a study that showed a correlation between a C-Diff infection early after transplant and the development of Gut GVHD. Then, I found another study published by Memorial Sloan-Kettering that stated they did not find a correlation. I'm not going to get too worried about it just yet. Overall, the transplant team feels he is doing very well, in fact better than most.

Ryan didn't eat or drink anything yesterday and the thought and smell of food repulsed him. Today, I was eating a croissant for breakfast and he looked over, asked what I was having, and then said "I want one!" It really surprised me, but he did eat about two-thirds of a croissant, drank some apple juice and, later, had a very small scoop of his favorite "Grandma Terry mac & cheese" from a stockpile of individual portions that she left here for him. (Note: in the pic of him holding his mac & cheese, I noticed later that his stuffed penguin "Iceberg" photobombed him.)

For a little in-room fun this evening, we built a "fort". I am hoping someone from Child Life or Physical Therapy can come find some things to do with Ryan tomorrow so that he can get some activity in. I don't want him to hang out in bed for two weeks if he is feeling well enough to be out of bed. It's not good for him, especially his lungs.

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