Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day +12 Itchy!

Ryan was less nauseous today but still only ate a few bites of food all day. The team has said that it is good that he is eating anything at all at this point because many kids do not and then require feeding tubes.

The theme of the day was itchiness! Ryan lost quite a bit of his remaining hair last night (his bed looked like a shedding dog had slept in it.) what's left of his hair is very short and prickly. I cuddled in bed with him to watch a movie this evening and we both ended up covered in it. Ryan was itching so much that they gave him an IV med similar to benedryl (he had just had IV benedryl too.) I wish they would have hooked me up with some too because I still feel itchy! I am thinking by morning there will not be much hair left to shed, if any.

I am hoping Ryan can be retested for C-Diff tomorrow. If it is negative this time, we may be out of isolation by Friday. (Please!!!!)

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