Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 0 ...continued

Although yesterday was "Day 0" Transplant Day, Ryan technically ended up having two day zeros because the infusion of bone marrow continued past midnight.

Today was fairly peaceful. Ryan slept most of the day. However, He is having some bladder/kidney pain and doesn't want to eat or drink anything because he is nauseous and dry heaving several times a day, which is normal and okay because he is on TPN (IV nutrition.) In fact, he seems to have a super hyper-sensitive sense of smell right now and the slightest odor of food is making him feel sick.  He got upset when I brought a piece of toast into the room earlier and asked me to take it out. So, now if I want to eat, I have to go down the hall to the cancer unit parent lounge and quickly eat before he needs me for something. I am always afraid to be gone for more than a few minutes in case he gets sick or needs help going to the bathroom. On the bright side, the view from the lounge is spectacular and calming, especially on a sunny Seattle day like today!

P.S. Speaking of Seattle, there are three different Starbucks in this Hospital, including one that is open 24 hours a day!  It is really dangerous for me to have access to a 24-hour Starbucks that is less than 100 steps from our room (I counted this morning). It is way too convenient... Thankfully, my mom knows me well and gave me a gift card the other day to help fund my addiction. I will have to wean myself back off the caffeine when we are discharged!

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