Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Consent for Transplant

Tomorrow will conclude Ryan’s pre-transplant work-up with SCCA.  In the past two weeks Ryan has had an EKG, Echo-cardiogram, CT scan, MRI with Anesthesia and has been poked, prodded and swabbed in unmentionable places to test for everything from simple blood counts to every virus known to man.

Tomorrow he has one last clinic visit, where they will likely re-swab and double check to make sure he hasn’t picked up a virus in the last few days.  We will also have what is called a “Data Review Conference” with the doctors, where I will be asked to sign consent forms for the transplant.

I think back to the first few years of Ryan’s life.  I fed him organic food, plenty of fruits and vegetables, interviewed countless daycares until I found the best, and spent two weeks researching the safest car seat.  Now, I am consenting for him to be part of a clinical trial that includes administration of a chemotherapy drug that is not even yet approved by the FDA. What a contrast. However, I know that out of all of the transplant protocols I reviewed, I am doing what I have always done for him and am selecting what I think the best option is.  From there, I just have to remind myself that the rest is out of my control.

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