Thursday, June 27, 2013

“Get your child to the ER right away” is never a phone call a parent wants to receive…

During a Dr. visit for a potential sinus infection, I asked if they could test Ryan's iron levels because he has been bruising easily the last few weeks (although he has also been rough housing like a typical boy so we thought that could be to blame.)

The Dr. agreed to do the labs and by the time we got home a half hour later, both my phone and Brad's had calls coming in to tell us to take Ryan to the ER.

Three days later, a hospital stay, a bone marrow biopsy, blood transfusion, and two platelet transfusions  later, we have at least ruled out Leukemia (thank God!) The hematologist/oncologist is leaning toward a diagnosis of moderate aplastic anemia brought on by a virus. Still no picnic, but better than the big "C".

We have to continue to get blood drawn 2-3 times a week and possible additional transfusions. Ryan has gone from being totally ok with shots and needles, to screaming "no poke" and having to be wrestled down by two nurses today.

Thank you so much to family and friends that have supported us the last few days - visiting, praying and sending good wishes our way. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this is just a temporary bump in the road.

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